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What We Do

Compete in the Big Leagues
GatherWorks, Inc. delivers software and web-based services that optimize how small to medium sized businesses like yours can present, collaborate, train, sell, and manage using intuitive technology. Our company mission is to give you access to the same powerful web-based communication and information management tools as larger firms. In this way we are able to help you compete in the big leagues.

Team Up With Us
Teaming up with GatherWorks produces winning results. We are happy to partner with you as a service provider or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

  • Service Provider
    GatherWorks provides services in both web conferencing (GatherPlace) and homeschool information management and enrollment (StudyPlace). We work with individuals, small and medium sized businesses, large companies, and non-profit organizations. Some clients use our standard offerings while others re-brand our service under their own name or link to our software within their website.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)
    As an OEM, we can combine our solutions with yours to bring more to your customers and increase profitability. By collaborating in this way we are able to focus on your brand and your success tailoring our level of interaction to match your needs. If you are interested in re-branding either of our services under your own company name, contact us to discuss how we can team up.

  • Pinch Hitter Incentive Program
    GatherWorks offers an incentive program for GatherPlace customers who are willing to be our pinch hitters and help us get the word out about our services. The GatherPlace Affiliate program allows you to earn up to 15% commission in referred sales each month by simply spreading the word about GatherPlace. Approved affiliates are able to copy and paste unique referral links that we generate for you, view online reports for your referrals, sales, and commissions, and offer discounts to your referrals. Learn more.

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Team up with GatherWorks and let us become your technology expert so you can focus on the aspects of your business that inspired you in the first place. Contact us today to learn more.

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