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Web Conferencing


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Jim Paluzzi of Colorado Public Radio
Chris Austin of Blazing Packets, Inc.
GatherPlace® is a web and voice conferencing solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses conduct remote sales presentations, webinars, training, and meetings as well as to provide remote customer support by enabling users to present and collaborate in real-time across multiple locations. It allows desktop and region sharing for computers using Windows™, MacOS™, or UNIX™. GatherPlace has more than 300,000 meeting participants and customers in more than 80 countries.

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Homeschool Information Management


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Built in collaboration with homeschool experts, StudyPlace® is the smart way to manage, organize, operate, or grow an organization that offers online or face-to-face classes for homeschool education. This registration and learning management system offers flexible family payment schedules, automated invoices and payment tracking, 24-hr online family self help, assignment posting, assignment submission, online testing and grading, and many other valuable features that takes the aggravation out of an administrative and teaching jobs.

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